First month in Frosty

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I’m not a Chiller any more which means my trial is over. It was a wonderful month being a Frosty pilot, but I’ll move on. The corp and the community is amazing, but I’m a little different myself.
The first reason is local hostility/corp relations.
I have a generally good relationship with some Tuskers. SF membership kinda conflicts with this. ’Speech warfare’ in local makes me want to choose a side and flame – because I’m not a good person, I gank, scam, flame, etc (speaking of scammin, I don’t play like Erotica 1, just a wee bit of supplementary iskies sometimes) Not attacking a target, because it is bait is a bit different that from my mentality. At 99% of the time I attack a target, because bait means fight which can be a bit difficult to find sometimes. Especially with the blues living at the POS in Muetralle in shiny ships we can’t attack.  And then I haven’t mentioned the whole Akirra/Stan/Matthew/Drettt story where I’ve only seen one side of the coin. I talked to them sometimes in We Fight Pub and they all seemed normal (except Drettt, haven’t talked to him, but yeah he is a bit too much for me, too).
The second reason is fleet mechanics
The free move all the time gives a lot of freedom, which is ideal for scouting, but leaves me (as a less experienced pilot) in trouble when it actually comes to fights. When someone points a pilot/gang everybody rushes there and fights, which isn’t troublesome at all, but I’d rather have someone call primaries and order the fleet to hold a gate/hit the gate/other magic  FC things. I think this lowers the efficiency of most fleets a bit and raise the odds of death significantly.
The other difference is found in fight style. Most guys in my TZ usually are True Brawlers. I don’t have enough skills (IRL skills mostly I’m talking of in this case, but also a bit short in SP) to truly enjoy the brawling, and kiting does not really fit in the fights when everyone else brawls. I mean it’s not a great feeling being alive 20km from the AB opponent alone, trying to finish him. I know the fallen fleetmates are not mad, but this is a bit strange feeling, ya know.

Great stuff

While this sounds a bit harsh, I don’t want to leave in stormy a condition, I just don’t leave a corp without a reason. I’ll reset my personal standings to -5 at the corp after I leave and pew (or flee) on contact, but I’ll probably find it a bit difficult.

Special thanks to (I’ll try not to forget anyone)
– Joffy for introducing me to the corp, not being suspicious at me from the beginning at all, hauling my stuff and always making a friendly atmosphere in corp chat
– Skir Skor for making me want to join SF, going on the WH trip with me, helping a lot with manufacturing/explorations (and also for the PPC)
– Stickelback, SeaElder, Kazume, Watson, Stablest for the null roam.
– Rixx for giving plenty of positive feedback when stuff is done right
– Fire Bush for buying nearly all stuff I place on station market lol
Favorite kills/deaths:
When we killed these guys in frigs:
Obviously the Orca:
And the loss of my PPC (Don’t forget to deploy the drones AND don’ forget to overheat the guns – I forgot both)
Continue to fly dangerous,
See you around o7


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