First month in Frosty

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I’m not a Chiller any more which means my trial is over. It was a wonderful month being a Frosty pilot, but I’ll move on. The corp and the community is amazing, but I’m a little different myself.
The first reason is local hostility/corp relations.
I have a generally good relationship with some Tuskers. SF membership kinda conflicts with this. ’Speech warfare’ in local makes me want to choose a side and flame – because I’m not a good person, I gank, scam, flame, etc (speaking of scammin, I don’t play like Erotica 1, just a wee bit of supplementary iskies sometimes) Not attacking a target, because it is bait is a bit different that from my mentality. At 99% of the time I attack a target, because bait means fight which can be a bit difficult to find sometimes. Especially with the blues living at the POS in Muetralle in shiny ships we can’t attack.  And then I haven’t mentioned the whole Akirra/Stan/Matthew/Drettt story where I’ve only seen one side of the coin. I talked to them sometimes in We Fight Pub and they all seemed normal (except Drettt, haven’t talked to him, but yeah he is a bit too much for me, too).
The second reason is fleet mechanics
The free move all the time gives a lot of freedom, which is ideal for scouting, but leaves me (as a less experienced pilot) in trouble when it actually comes to fights. When someone points a pilot/gang everybody rushes there and fights, which isn’t troublesome at all, but I’d rather have someone call primaries and order the fleet to hold a gate/hit the gate/other magic  FC things. I think this lowers the efficiency of most fleets a bit and raise the odds of death significantly.
The other difference is found in fight style. Most guys in my TZ usually are True Brawlers. I don’t have enough skills (IRL skills mostly I’m talking of in this case, but also a bit short in SP) to truly enjoy the brawling, and kiting does not really fit in the fights when everyone else brawls. I mean it’s not a great feeling being alive 20km from the AB opponent alone, trying to finish him. I know the fallen fleetmates are not mad, but this is a bit strange feeling, ya know.

Great stuff

While this sounds a bit harsh, I don’t want to leave in stormy a condition, I just don’t leave a corp without a reason. I’ll reset my personal standings to -5 at the corp after I leave and pew (or flee) on contact, but I’ll probably find it a bit difficult.

Special thanks to (I’ll try not to forget anyone)
– Joffy for introducing me to the corp, not being suspicious at me from the beginning at all, hauling my stuff and always making a friendly atmosphere in corp chat
– Skir Skor for making me want to join SF, going on the WH trip with me, helping a lot with manufacturing/explorations (and also for the PPC)
– Stickelback, SeaElder, Kazume, Watson, Stablest for the null roam.
– Rixx for giving plenty of positive feedback when stuff is done right
– Fire Bush for buying nearly all stuff I place on station market lol
Favorite kills/deaths:
When we killed these guys in frigs:
Obviously the Orca:
And the loss of my PPC (Don’t forget to deploy the drones AND don’ forget to overheat the guns – I forgot both)
Continue to fly dangerous,
See you around o7


First few days in Frosty

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I am starting to know my way around

Things are different in Frosty. The people, the fleet management, the resources, the competition with rival corps, the communication and of course the home system. As I was unpacking my ships I took all of them to a very quick round to my insta-undock bookmark and back to see if I forgot anything to fit and reorganize/group the modules. When I was doing this with the Ishkur I found 2 Incursuses at the sun. I warped there, it was not a long warp, but I had time to switch to short range scan. The incursuses were gone, but there was a Tusker Wolf landing, luckily a bit off. I could leave, but I quickly realized: things are going to be different here. Having the forum is a great tool to communicate as we have 200 people, I keep meeting new and new ones I haven’t met with. I read almost all the topics, shared my opinion on stuff sometimes, especially in the off topics 🙂 However, things are not flawless: Current diplomatic relations with Rhalden (Former high ranked Stay Frosty members’ new corp, who didn’t exactly leave corp in peace) are horrible, there is a war ending soon as things are beginning to calm down. This involves a spy that leaks the forum, making people suspicious especially towards new members like me. There are about 3 web developers including me who offered assistance (Some parts of the forum is broken) but we all got rejected. It did not feel good, but of course I can understand it. One thing is clear:  I don’t want to have drama (or at least not with my main) I just want to pew.


Fleet command and battles

This is also different. The fleet consisting about 5-8 people spawns across the entire constellation, having eyes and ears everywhere locating and intercepting non-blues with extreme effectiveness. Unfortunately things are not so smooth after that. The big problem is not knowing the active FC, because whoever he is forgets to call primaries a bit too often. People rushed into the PLEX not awaiting each other (including me my mistake as well) one by one, not calling primaries. On the other hand when the FC is paying attention, the fleet is capable of miracles. Melting assault frigs in T1 hulls and such. The fits are a different topic, I am the only one who kites. While most people fly afterburner fitted brawler monsters I have my drone boat kiter ship, so fighting is different for me. I deal less damage, can tank less, but I am the last primary most of the time. Good thing is that they usually underestimate me. I align out, set my drones on the last primary and stay on grid as long as I can to finish it. It feels damn good. Trying out both brawler and kite fleets, I prefer the kiter ones consisting of drone boats. The reason is simple: 3 people can point 3 different guys while placing the drones on the primary. In a brawler fleet you have to split fire to get everyone pointed or someone might slip. However this fleet composition excels at engaging one beefier target like a double shield boosted Hawk or a double armor repairer Enyo. A kiter fleet of 2 or 3 usually can’t deal enough dps to break that tank, especially if the drones are slaughtered.


Supply and regulations

This is also different, Hevrice is like a mini trade-hub. At WE FIGHT members get access to everything after introducing themselves to the CEO on TS and talking about random stuff I don’t remember. At Frosty there is a 30 day trial period when you are a ‘Chiller’ without access to hangars. The corp members maintain the station market, it’s ~20% over Jita, having most stuff I need to fit frigates. This is probably better this way, it’s difficult to control 200 people’s access. I just hate waiting 😉 Unlike WF, Frosty has allies/frenemies, guys who I am not allowed to shoot at. (For example Preatoriani) I don’t like it, but at least I can always call some guys ‘Mr. Blue’ in Muetralle. Teamspeak is encrypted, allowing guests to talk in the lobby only. Members are not chilling on it when doing nothing, which I don’t always like. I like to talk or even just to listen to others telling stories. Most of these differences are probably just ordinary ones between a small and a medium sized corp, but it was good to write it all down. My first article has some grammar errors and typos, I tried to pay more attention this time 🙂

I’ll write next week as well and try to keep exploding stuff


Veetor o7

Why do I start this blog

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I spent a few months in Eve and always wanted to start a blog. Now I’m having bigger changes both in my Eve and IRL life and I thought this might be a good time to start.

So what did I do so far?

I started the ordinary way, doing tutorial missions then started a bit of mining – because hey – most people start that way. I quickly moved out of the home system because it was crowded and people mined out all the belts (lol) so I wandered away and found a few nice 0.5 systems like Jufvitte. I went into Ouelletta a few times, having no idea what’s it’s like, but man, it was dangerous and I liked it, even mining in it. I was usually quickly popped by the guys of WE FIGHT when and I had my first fight against Ciba. I obviously failed, but he reimbursed the ship and sent a nice mail. I thought it’s be a nice time to join a corp to avoid being killed in local (That was my intention). To do this I quickly found out that WE FIGHT is living here and they had the game channel “we fight pub”. I asked if I can join, then ddiere asked me to fight him first. He popped me in about 2 volleys, then said “gf”. I had no damn idea what it meant, but after a quick Googling I found out the meaning. They let me in, teached me the stuff every pirate has to know like how to fit a ship, how to use dscan. They also took me roaming, I usually died early but I really liked it, I was even useful sometimes! It felt great, I had plenty of pews together with Lijja who teached me more stuff like don’t attack fast frigs with a droneboat, how to attack neutrals next to stations and gates and it was really fun. After like 4-5 days they opened the corp hangar to me. It had stuff worth about maybe 3 billion isk that time and it was a lot for me (it is still a lot) but I didn’t take it, I only took what I needed. (Okay, maybe a bit more, to experiment with fittings but they said it’s OK). I remember when I was still very new, the CEO (Knightside) undocked all his stuff up to carriers to show me what’s what for and I was like ‘damn this is nice’ for everything he flew with even for a few seconds. Then as time passed they started to count on me – when they took down a POS (they let me on the killmail) I to scouted Melmaniel its the owner comes to defend or not. I really really loved it. Also, they were amazing FCs, I never valued this after what came after.


Then what happened?

People just disappeared. Some new guys came, some of them was less fun and some of them were awesome (like Filius) but it was not like the old times. It was alright until the Marmite wardecced us and Filius had to drop the corp. He also moved back to hisec, focusing on missions and getting isk. Some of the guys who were still in corp moved to Matar space temporarily, but I was too lazy to do that so I started roaming with other guys from the Verge, mostly Skir Skor, sometimes with others. But this didn’t stop me from shooting them while we were on grid (they were not blues to me as we still shot on contact with other guys we fought as well) and somehow Stay Frosty gained marked WE FIGHT as -10. Since I was usually the only one in that area, this made me think that I do something right. After all it got a bit uncomfortable constantly asking fleet invites from Skir so I started to think about changing corps. Then something important happened, I got a message that someone is attacking the WE FIGHT POS. I flew there and found noone just a WE FIGHT wreck and the tower without the force field. (I remember it was a carrier wreck, but it didn’t show up on any of the killboards – I was confused and noone was online to help me defend the tower.


So I picked up the little loot that was left from it, contracted it to its owner, then I figured out how to put the tower back online to prevent further issues. (I didn’t know that it ran out of fuel, noone told me anything). I liked how the force field came back online, I was happy that the problem was no more, it also looked so nice recorded it

Obviously, it ran out of fuel in an hour and when I could come back online some guys just started assaulting the tower (I got another message) – I quickly hopped into my torp nemesis and went there to find what’s up at the tower. 2 domis and a moros was there, with a nado landing a bit off. I started orbiting at 25km (my torps could hit up to only 35 due to underdeveloped skills) dodging a few volleys of his 1400mm artillery. I dealt surprisingly high amount damage but I didn’t notice that he activated his MWD and got away from me, to about 55km. Then I made a horrible mistake – I activated my MWD  to get mack into his range, but I forgot it multiplies the signature radius. Damn, there goes my Nemesis. As I had nothing else, other than T1 frigs and a few unfitted Vexors, I went in there trying to online the tower again, without success (but at least I didn’t loose anything that time). I felt bad, my corpies were in a different timezone and I didn’t know how to behave. I’m good at following FC orders, I’m maybe OK at directing a fleet of 3 frigates. Not getting answers from the CEO and him ignoring my convo is not nice, I felt I don’t really have a place in the corp any more. And I’m not good enough to roam alone.


Recent happenings

I started talking with Joffy, the Stay Frosty diplomat to tell him about stuff that happened and ask to join Stay Frosty. It was nice seeing him welcoming (also, he was kind enough to haul my stuff to my new home, Hevrice)  so I finally did that one small step for mankind, one giant leap for me. As far as I confirmed the corp change, I had to leave for about 24 hours – I don’t like being offline for that much time, but at least Joffy had time to get my stuff to the new station – it has enough stuff for the first days, then my iskies will hold until I get access to corp hangar. (I get isk from selling loot) Dodixie is not far, about 12 hi-sec jumps maybe, because I don’t want to cross Murethand, where the BALEX guys live. When I came online people were surprised to see me there, it felt good. I feel the same thing over and over. When it comes to serious stuff the Eve community is here to help. It’s good to play with them, I don’t know what would I do if I couldn’t play with you all. (Having a very very difficult few RL months). I also scored my first kill as ST-FT pilot: I was about 5 seconds late from this Daredevil kill, but then I could shut down a cyno. Heh. 😀

That’s it for today, I’ll sum up the first few days in Frosty probably later this week.
Thanks for reading all this,

Veetor o7